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Re: Dekstation Raptor Reflex

> On Sep 13, Ron Farrer scratched in indelible ink :

> As Rich said in a previous mail, ARCS BIOS is dead and no longer being
> maintained - perhaps someone should do that? There are a lot of Ruffians
> out there!  
How does on maintain something that you don't even have binarys for ;)

> Ohh and another big reason not to buy it is the fact it uses True Parity
> memory. That crap is EXPENSIVE! You basiclly have to sell your
> car to afford some... :'( 
Tell me about it.  My original request was for 128MB of that stuff for my
as255, which currently only has 32.  :(  and don't talk about my car, i've
just spent AU$1500 on converting it to LPG and am still feeling broke.

If i can get if for not much more than the value of the ram in it then I will
grab it and see what hacks we can do to get it to load a milo.
If not, then I'll still have the RAM from it, and we'll see how NT runs in 32MB.
In any case, anything to decrease the ratio of poo-cees in the house must be
a good thing. We only have two alphas, three Suns (one fridge sized) one
Apollo, a NeXT cube, ..... vs a celery 350@450 and a screenless Sharp laptop
as the dialup box. oh and I must not forget the PDP11, which in a previous
life, was a TV stand.

now if only they were all mine *sigh*

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