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Re: old XL

On Tuesday, 15 Aug, Andrew MacNamara wrote:
> Should I try to resolder the heat sensor attachment back on, or just run
> it always at high speed? If I put it back on, I'll have to tape it down in
> the airflow path -- it was just lying loose before. I guess I'll just run
> it always at high RPM, but I think I'll check the voltages from the power
> supply first... 

Just for comparison, in my AlphaStation 255 the heat sensor is attached to
the heatsink rather than just being in the airflow path...

By the way, I always hated the noise and eventually came up with a kernel
patch to cool down the CPU during the idle loop
(ftp://genie.ucd.ie/pub/alpha/patches-2.2.x/wtint-2.2.12.diff).  The patch
relies on SRM palcode and appropriate hardware support such as a clock
frequency divider (either on-chip or off-chip).  I don't know if XL is
adequately equipped.


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