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Re: We have a problem...need some help on this one...

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, Idar Tollefsen wrote:

> I'm currently using RH 6.x, about to switch to Debian. On RH, ldconfig
> seems to work as expected.
> I'm not an expert on this, but when I run ldconfig for updateing after
> installing new libraries, it works. At least the programs that requires
> those libraries works just fine afterwards (they didn't before the run).
> It also seems to work just fine when I see it invoked from different
> install scripts.

Hmmmm...that's odd because none of the patches that I've found in the RH
source RPMs seem to fix the problem -- that ldconfig doesn't know anything
about 64-bit BFDs.  ldconfig is bound to be used by alot of postinstall
scripts, but whether it works properly or not is the question (I'm left
wondering if they're hacking it specifically for Alpha or if they are
providing general BFD support for all archs, as should be provided by
ldconfig -- I haven't found a patch to do either in RedHat's source


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