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Re: Custom kernel (2.3.99) build on frozen

On Sun, 9 Apr 2000, Wai-Sun Chia wrote:

> I've got pass the make config, and bombed out in the compilation of md.c
> (like you mentioned, BTW this is 2.3.99-pre3).
> It is actually a 64bit'ism bug...
> Somewhere at line 40 of md.c:
> 	extern asmlinkage int sys_setsid(void);
> Change this to:
> 	extern asmlinkage long sys_setsid(void);
> And voila the compile with go through!
> There are other 64bit'ism warnings like casting int to pointer and all
> those stuff in md.c, but I didn't bother cleaning them up (for now).

Yeah, I didn't spend any time on it, but noticed that as well.  Given the
amount of 32->64 bit problems, I figured it was better left to Richard or
Jay Eastabrook to lobby for a change.

> OBTW, the new PCMCIA code is pretty messed up (something about a missing
> compile.h file. I gave up troubleshooting it and just didn't select that
> option.

Yikes.  Maybe I need to resubscribe to the kernel mailing list.  This is

> Also, the BINFMT_EM86 option is bombing out also, disable that option.

Saw that as well.  I haven't even looked into that one, though.  Perhaps
I'll do that tomorrow since I'll have some time.

> One question, any ideas why they disabled  RAID0,4,5 in the 2.3.x
> kernels?
> It's commented out in drivers/block/Config.in...
> How the heck am I gonna build a RAID5 array then? :-(

I have no idea.  I noticed that as well.  There's some massive conversions
going on and it's possible that they just haven't gotten to that code

I'm a bit disappointed in the kernel folks for the lack of enthusiam when
it comes to Alpha work and patches.  Seems like nobody cares about us
sometimes other than Richard and the folks at Compaq.


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