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Re: Custom kernel (2.3.99) build on frozen

"Christopher C. Chimelis" wrote:

> > One question, any ideas why they disabled  RAID0,4,5 in the 2.3.x
> > kernels?
> > It's commented out in drivers/block/Config.in...
> > How the heck am I gonna build a RAID5 array then? :-(
> I have no idea.  I noticed that as well.  There's some massive conversions
> going on and it's possible that they just haven't gotten to that code
> yet.

Well, wish me luck. I'll be uncommenting those lines and try building a
kernel with them enabled...

> I'm a bit disappointed in the kernel folks for the lack of enthusiam when
> it comes to Alpha work and patches.  Seems like nobody cares about us
> sometimes other than Richard and the folks at Compaq.

Other folks I can't say, but they are a lot of Compaq/DEC folks out here
seriously lurking around ;-)

Oh, my continuing saga of a 2.3.99 custom kernel build:
Oh joy! I managed to compile a kernel!
BUT, the boot crapped out at the parallezing fsck, it complained that a
ext2 superblock block cannot be found on my root partition...
Huh? Any ideas? This is a perfectly good 2.2.14 system.

Wai-Sun "squidster" Chia
Web/Unix Developer
Professional Services Division

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