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Re: Boot disks on Ruffian

(Cc: to dark - PLEASE install the 2.2.10 boot-floppies for alpha if
you haven't already, we're getting a lot of reports of bugs that have
been already fixed)

Daniel Faller <Daniel.Faller@physik.uni-freiburg.de> writes:

> I can boot MILO from floppy using the Redhat 6.1 image, but definitely not using the
> Debian image:  2.2.8-2000-03-08
> This MILO refuses to read the Debian rescue floppy:
>  ls fd0 at the MILO prompt returns:   %/ .............. %///

Yeah, some other people have had this problem.

> After copying the contents of the rescue floppy to a DOS formatted floppy MILO starts to
> load the kernel but stops while unzipping the file.
> Perhaps the problem are the filenames on the rescue floppy which have more than 8
> characters ???

Could be.  The latest boot-floppies (wherever they are) work fine when
booting from MILO on the Miata.

> MILO can read from an ext2 filesystem (Version ??) created by a slink computer  but not
> from an ext2 filesystem created by an up to date potato. Using the slink ext2 filesystem
> MILO stops at the same point while unzipping the kernel.

Yes, this problem is fixed in the latest revision of the boot floppies
(I originally didn't realize MILO was still broken like this).  Now we
just have to wait for the release manager to get around to installing
them in the archive.

> 1)  Can it be true that I have to use a REDHAT boot floppy to load MILO, and to change the
>      filesystem on the boot floppies in order to install DEBIAN  ?????

No.  You need to make a MILO disk yourself now though, those MILO
disks were taking up too much space in the archive.  It's pretty easy,
just copy the MILO binary (i.e. MILO/ruffian) and linload.exe to a FAT
floppy then boot with 'ruffian' as the OSLOADPATH.

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