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Re: Custom kernel (2.3.99) build on frozen

"Christopher C. Chimelis" wrote:

> So far, I've been unable to compile any of the 2.3.99 series kernels
> successfully.  I've gotten by the 'make config' process, though, thanks to
> so patches from Richard Henderson (check the RH axp-list archives for
> those).  Unfortunately, the code that seems to fail to compile happens to
> be just the feature that you want to use.

I've got pass the make config, and bombed out in the compilation of md.c
(like you mentioned, BTW this is 2.3.99-pre3).

It is actually a 64bit'ism bug...
Somewhere at line 40 of md.c:
	extern asmlinkage int sys_setsid(void);

Change this to:
	extern asmlinkage long sys_setsid(void);

And voila the compile with go through!
There are other 64bit'ism warnings like casting int to pointer and all
those stuff in md.c, but I didn't bother cleaning them up (for now).

OBTW, the new PCMCIA code is pretty messed up (something about a missing
compile.h file. I gave up troubleshooting it and just didn't select that

Also, the BINFMT_EM86 option is bombing out also, disable that option.

One question, any ideas why they disabled  RAID0,4,5 in the 2.3.x
It's commented out in drivers/block/Config.in...
How the heck am I gonna build a RAID5 array then? :-(

Wai-Sun "squidster" Chia
Web/Unix Developer
Professional Services Division

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