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Re: New scratch build of boot-floppies (UP1000, serial console, TFTP)

On Saturday, 25 Mar, David Huggins-Daines wrote:
> Urgh.  It definitely works on my DS10 (more or less).  You should use
> a serial console, then you can scroll back to see those errors in
> minicom (or whatever).  Please report them so we can possibly figure
> out what the problem is.

Alternatively, you can try adding `panic=300' (or similar) to the boot
flags - this will insert a delay of 300 seconds between the kernel panic
and the halt/restart.

> The root.tar.gz isn't useful on alpha, because we don't have a
> netbootable kernel image in the boot-floppies yet.

... or, I'd rather say, because the root filesystem image is included into
tftpboot.img, so there is not much use in doing NFS root.


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