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trying to install slink from cdrom on ds10...

I've got a relatively new DS10 at work that I've been trying to install
Slink on since last Friday with no avail.  I've never tried to install on an
alpha before, so I'm just learning the ins and outs of this architecture.
If I'm completely off base in what I'm trying to do here please let me know.

I'm working with SRM as far as I can tell (I get the ">>> " prompt).  I've
set the bootdef_dev to dqa0, which is the CD-ROM drive on this machine, and
boot_file to /boot/generic/linux, which seems to point to the kernel on my
CD.  On occasion, I have even set boot_flags to "root=/dev/hda".

After typing "boot" at the prompt SRM does a few things and then a linux
kernel starts booting.  It's hard to see what all is happening because it
scrolls so fast, but it seems to be detecting the hardware and doing normal
things I would expect to see a kernel doing during boot.  Then, WHAMMO!  I'm
back at the SRM prompt and I have a message that the kernel has halted.  I
think it says the halt code is 5.

I really hope this isn't a RTFM, 'cause I've been reading the FM all day
today and haven't gotten anything to work.  Has anyone installed Debian on a
DS10?  I can get RedHat installed on the same machine, but I'd much rather
get Debian up and running.


Matthew Whitworth

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