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Re: potato alpha install experience...

Sweet.... couldn't asked for a better response!! Got answers for
everything... most of which are "fixed in pre version". Gotta love
opensource :)

David Huggins-Daines wrote:
> Brian Macy <bmacy@siteROCK.com> writes:
> > - dhcp/pump don't work... I'll probably do some debugging on this to see
> > what I can do
> In dbootstrap, or after the initial boot?  The latter is a known
> problem - because the netbase maintainer hasn't incorporated the patch
> I sent to make it build on Alpha yet ... probably he's waiting to fix
> the other bugs before releasing a new package.

Both actually... could get DHCP working at all.

> > - I've figured out how to set the default when just 'boot' is executed
> > in the SRM but I haven't figured out a way to get it to auto-boot to
> > it... preferably with a delay before it's executed but I'd live with
> > just automatically booting into it.
> set auto_action boot
> See the updated SRM HOWTO in /usr/share/doc/aboot for more info...

Thanks... the latest frozen aboot deb doesn't have anything about
auto_action but it does give me the rest of the info I need.

Brian Macy

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