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aboot 0.6a

I've been suckered into^W^W^Wvolunteered to maintaining the official
aboot sources, and figured it was high time I made a release, so here
it is:


Once Linuxcare gives me somewhere to put it on their site, I'll
probably move it there, either that or to sourceforge...

The release notes are in the README.html, so I won't rehash them here.
The diff from 0.6 is basically all of Greg Johnson's stuff from the
Debian package :)

One thing that should be mentioned that is important for distributions
to know is that the Red Hat installer-specific code that tried to
guess the boot device and appended "bootfile=" and "bootdevice="
parameters to the kernel command line is gone.  The problem was that
it basically doesn't work - it could tell you if you were booting from
SCSI, IDE, or floppy, but that's about it, and in most cases it would
just fall back on /dev/scd0, which is kind of wrong since most alphas
these days have IDE CD-ROM drives.

Unfortunately as far as I can tell, translating the value of the
BOOTED_DEV environment variable to a Linux device name is beyond the
capabilities of aboot, since the value is system-specific (it requires
you to know the layout of the system busses and so forth - so it could
probably be done by the kernel).  But I'd like to be proven wrong :)

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