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Re: networking/route add

On Thu 24 Feb 2000, Tino Reinhardt wrote:

> networking was set up whilst the Debian Installation an is started on
> bootup using /etc/init.d/network which shows:
> ifconfig lo
> route add -net
> ifconfig eth0 ${IPADDR} netmask ${NETMASK} broadcast ${broadcast}

Please tell me that the last "broadcast" on the above line is in fact

> route add -net ${NETWORK}
> [ "${GATEWAY}" ] && route add default gw ${GATEWAY} metric 1
> According to my local network-(but windows)-guru these numbers are
> correct. Pinging itself works as good as pinging
> but no host outside is reachable. It's a 10baseT static IP network.

Did you try pinging an IP address, or a name? If a name, you're testing
_first_ your DNS setup (which means that the rest _must_ be working
before DNS can work), and then the network (which will work if the DNS
succeeded).  In other words, "ping name" is only useful for testing the
_remote_ system. "ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" is better.  Otherwise try
tcpdump to see if you can see traffic on the wire; perhaps the cabling
is wrong, or the card is configured for the wrong interface (e.g. AUI
or coax instead of UTP).

> I'm not sure if all of this is a misconfiguarion by me of myself or what
> else is going on.
> Dmesg shows the bootup errors:
> ...
> SIOCADDRT: Invalid argument
> eth0: Setting Rx mode to 1 addresses.
> SIOCADDRT: Invalid argument
> ...

That's normal if you're running a 2.2 kernel. That's because the script
is based on 2.0 kernels, and 2.2 radically changed the way routing is
handled by the kernel.

> Setting the route according to /etc/init.d/network by hand reproduces the
> SIOCADDRT-Errors for lo and eth0. Unfortunately, I don't know what that
> SIOC... stuff means. Help?

Set Input Output Configuration - ADD RouTe

It just means that the "route add" command won't work (e.g. the route is
already there).

> netstat -r shows literally nothing. ifconfig shows the devices set up

netstat -r shows nothing because it's trying to resolve stuff.
Use netstat -rn so it doesn't try to look up names.

> So, I'm a little bit lost as I can't see the meaning of this nasty Errors.
> Thanks for any hint and for requesting more info (!!).

This is IMHO not an alpha-specific problem, it's generic networking
stuff. debian-user might have been a better choice.

Paul Slootman
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