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Argh...glibc and strip

Hey again...

I know this is ugly, but I think we're going to have to make sure that
Alpha's glibc is NOT stripped in any way.  It's been the subject of many
flame wars (about policy and what needs to be stripped), but even some of
the glibc folks seem to think that it's a bad idea to do any stripping of
glibc.  Besides all of that, though, even stripping out the .note section
seems to "incidentally" take out other needed things (symtab and strtab,
most notably) on Alpha.  All of this severely breaks static linking on

I've tried just about every option that I could on strip to no avail.  I
just seems to want to ignore -K and take off whatever it wants (btw, -K
should only work on one or two archs, PPC is the only I can remember).

The worst part is, I need to get a new glibc uploaded ASAP with this
change.  Would you like me to binary NMU this or do you have a new release
coming soon?


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