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Re: Argh...glibc and strip

At 08:07 -0400 1999-10-13, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
I've tried just about every option that I could on strip to no avail.  I
just seems to want to ignore -K and take off whatever it wants (btw, -K
should only work on one or two archs, PPC is the only I can remember).

OK, I suppose the best solution is to compile without -g on DEB_HOST_GNU_CPU=alpha, and not build $(libc)-dbg in that case either, does that sound reasonable?

The worst part is, I need to get a new glibc uploaded ASAP with this
change.  Would you like me to binary NMU this or do you have a new release
coming soon?

I suggest you do a binary NMU for alpha, I've ripped my packaging all to pieces and it's gonna be a few days at least before I can put it all back together and be sure it's in shape.
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