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Re: 2.2.x corruption solved (Was Re: Statically linked 'tar')

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, Martin Lucina wrote:

> Actually, I've figured it out now. What happened was that when I was
> installing the box, 'fdisk' somehow gave me a default end cylinder for the
> last partition on the disklabel which was actually one cylinder past the
> end of the disk. Hence the mysterious crash every time I did a make install
> of XFree86 (since this causes lots of disk accesses).
> I booted into NetBSD from floppy and their disklabel immediately pointed
> out that 'partition f extends beyond end of unit'. So I rewrote the
> disklabel, restored from backup and all seems fine now. The moral of this
> story is, fdisk sucks and it needs to be rewritten to properly support
> PC partitions/BSD disklabels/whatever.

Argh...what a story :-)  Do we have ANY decent disk partitioning software
out there that works well with bsd disklabels?  If so, maybe we can
collectively rewrite/adapt whatever it is to fit within fdisk's UI.  It's
a bit off-topic on this list, but given how many people here need BSD
disklabel support, it's worth at least starting to talk about here.


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