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Re: broke potato, missing unmet

On 11 Oct 1999, Ron Farrer wrote:

> Err, could be... They way it spit it out looked like a package, not a
> unmet... My boneheaded mistake, sorry.

No prob.  Happens to the best of us.  I'd hate to tell you what I thought
my computer was telling me today...

> ok, whatever, used to it with RH anyway.


> As for the broken dependencies, I've attached the output of "apt-get
> upgrade" if that helps.

Ok, it did.  Try typing this:
	apt-get -f install gnome-bin gnome-libs-data

	apt-get upgrade

That should handle it.  It seems that there are a few more gnome packages
than before and a few new dependencies that weren't there before.  An
apt-get -f upgrade *might* do it too, but I've never tried that approach


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