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Re: kernel sources for alpha? (Re: Not detecting SCSI drive)

> Also, I want to try recompiling a kernel for this beast, so I got
> kernel-source-2.0.36 off the CD.  Under system type, it lets me
> choose between the usual 386, 486, Pentium, etc.  No alpha
> listed.  I know on Red Hat the sources are patched and I can even
> select LX164.  What do I do on Debian?  No alpha-patched sources?
> Thanks!
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Just grab a 2.2 kernel from ftp.kernel.org (or a local mirror)
the 2.0 kernels needed a patch set for the alpha.  Different people
on the list have had diff opinions on which rev of the 2.2 works the
best. I've had decent luck on my cabriolet on most of the revsions,
and am currently running 2.2.12 just fine.  Have Fun.


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