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Re: kernel upgrade

On Sun, 8 Aug 1999, Dave Wiard wrote:

> Hey everybody.  I've got Debian 2.1 with the 2.0.35 kernel (just
> installed) and I'm trying to update the kernel to 2.2.9.  I read in the
> readme for 2.2.9 that I needed several other things updated before I
> should update the kernel.  One of these others said I needed an updated
> version.h to install properly and suggested I update to kernel 2.1.x.  Is
> there an easy way to get to 2.2.9 without going through 2.1.x first?  If
> you hadn't guess, no I haven't done this before.

There's no need to go through 2.1.x at all (I ran 2.1.x for awhile, but
only because I was working on some stuff for the then-upcoming potato
devel cycle).  Also, be aware that there are some problems with 2.2.9 on
some systems.  You'll definitely have to acquire the Alan Cox patches for
that kernel (believe me, you'll be better off), but I've found that
anything beyond 2.2.7 somehow screws with my ability to compiler larger
programmes (including the kernel).  Work is still being done on fixing
this, but it only seems to occur on some types of Alphas (SX is definitely
affected, I can vouch for that).  If you can live with 2.2.5, I would
recommend it over 2.2.9 any day of the week.

Regarding the tools, binaries, or other files needed when upgrading, I
don't *recall* needing anything special at all.  In fact, I ran 2.2.1
while working on slink (aka Debian 2.1) without needing anything else at


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