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Re: XEmacs-binary? GNU-Emacs problem!

Sorry if this gets sent twice, I screwed up the reply line last time.

>>btw.: Has anyone encountered problems with gnu-emacs in the
>>hamm-alpha dist. The executable in my installation seems to hang from
>>time to time, top and ps show that it's working but it does not
>>respond to any keystroke or window-event.
I've had the same problem.

Also, the emacs package gave me errors during the configure portion of the
package install (which subsequently case errors in the w3-el package
install, I believe)  I haven't had time to look into it though.

btw.:  When I run emacs under X, it thinks that the Meta key is the
"Windows" key instead of the "alt" key.  Is this an emacs or an X problem?

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