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Re: XEmacs-binary? GNU-Emacs problem!

> Hi folks, 
> btw.: Has anyone encountered problems with gnu-emacs in the 
> hamm-alpha dist. The executable in my installation seems to hang from 
> time to time, top and ps show that it's working but it does not 
> respond to any keystroke or window-event. The problem is not regular 
> sometimes it works fine for hours, sometimes I have to kill it right 
> from the start. It doesn't seem to be an X problem either because it 
> also happens on the vt. 
> Any comments ?

*Me too* :-)) Anyway, some comments from my experience:

- The emacs process doesn't crash, but it waits for something quite a long
time - eventually all the accumulated keystrokes get executed. This can
take some 1-2 minutes...

- This doesn't happen when I telnet oder rlogin into the alpha und run
emacs over the network. Well, at least it hasn't happened yet :-)

- I *think* this mostly happens in textmode, not so often under X.

Anyone here with more insight?



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