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How do I copy linload.exe and a milo image...

... to sda1?

8 months ago I installed a bare-bones Linux on an UDB.  I didn't
understand then how to get the machine to boot from the ARC console.
And I tried a bunch of things.  I was even having problems trying to
mount the sda1 partition (formatted as msdos16).  And if I remember
correctly, I foolishly fsck'ed the partition.

A week ago I turned on the machine again and installed the most recent
distribution.  With the 2.0.34 kernel dated July 5.  I didn't really
make any changes to the drive configuration.  This time around I
included information so that the machine can access the internet.  And
I've been successful using dselect over ftp to a Debian mirror.

I can find linload.exe.  But how do I copy it and whatever milo image
(.dd?) to the sda1 partition so I can have the machine autoboot?  Am I
going to have to reinstall Linux but this time make changes to the size
of the partitions?  I haven't been able to mount sda1 as a msdos device.
Should I be able to?  And if so, what command should I use?

I can boot the machine fine from the SRM console.  But I'd rather have
the dang thing autoboot.

Tony -

Evil Twin -                                                       one_spike
        the Man, the Myth, the Legend in His Own Mind -         //~____/  ~\\
                mullen@ces.aces.uiuc.edu                        \\~    \  ~//

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