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mkraid fails on raid5 on an alpha

I'm trying to build a raid5 array on a (Debian) alpha, except that
compiled raidtools 0.42-pre3 myself. I get this:

# mkraid /etc/raid5.conf 
mkraid version 0.36.4
parsing configuration file
handling MD device /dev/md0
analyzing super-block
disk 0: /dev/sda2, 3072720kB, raid superblock at 3072640kB
mkraid: aborted

Here's /etc/raid5.conf:

raiddev                 /dev/md0
raid-level              5
nr-raid-disks           4
chunk-size              32

parity-algorithm        left-symmetric

device                  /dev/sda2
raid-disk               0

device                  /dev/sdb2
raid-disk               1

device                  /dev/sdc2
raid-disk               2

device                  /dev/sdd2
raid-disk               3

Any clues? This is with 2.1.103.


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