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Problems with X server and xjewel

I was building a number of games packages that were not yet available
for Alpha (xboing was missing a millisec -> microsec conversion in the
delay function; man, that was fast :-).  Most went pretty well, as far
as I could determine...  The only problem (not Alpha-specific) is that
a couple of games put their binaries into /usr/bin/X11 while policy
dictate /usr/games. I should probably file bug reports if they are not
yet reported.

One problem: I installed xjewel, and started it. It started with an
intro screen "presenting..." and then totally crashed my X server. The
display / keyboard were fully locked up. I could still telnet into the
machine to shut it down from my i386 system, luckily.

I tried running xjewel on Alpha and displaying it on i386, and that
wasn't a problem. I didn't try the other way around.

I didn't upload xjewel yet, as I don't want unsuspecting people to have
their systems lock up, before I determine whether this is a general
problem with ALpha X servers, or just the combination of factors on my
system. I have a Matrox Mystique 2MB, with the current SVGA X server
(  If anyone is feeling brave, could they try it out? I have
the .deb in my home directory on master, and it's available via anon ftp
on ftp://ftp.murphy.nl/pub/debian/alpha/xjewel_1.6-9_alpha.deb .

Let me know what the results are, and whether you think I should just go
ahead and upload it!

Paul Slootman
home: paul@wurtel.demon.nl | work: paul@murphy.nl
http://www.wurtel.demon.nl | Murphy Software, Enschede, the Netherlands

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