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Re: mkraid fails on raid5 on an alpha

On Tue, 26 May 1998, Carlos Carvalho wrote:

> I'm trying to build a raid5 array on a (Debian) alpha, except that
> compiled raidtools 0.42-pre3 myself. I get this:
> # mkraid /etc/raid5.conf 
> mkraid version 0.36.4
> parsing configuration file
> handling MD device /dev/md0
> analyzing super-block
> disk 0: /dev/sda2, 3072720kB, raid superblock at 3072640kB
> mkraid: aborted

I'm still trying to debug raidtools on the Alpha.  I believe the source of
the problem is a bug in glibc's lseek() function, but I'm not positive on
that.  It seems to bomb out when calling lseek() (the function returns
with an error condition).  I'm looking into the possibility of a kernel
problem as well, but not sure there either).

If you can, see what you can find out.  I'll take another look at the
latest source to see if it's the same problem that I was having with the
prior versions.


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