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Re: new root and base disks available!

Joel Klecker wrote:

> I will also note that both of my non-DEC tulip cards don't work very well
> with tulip.c (one of the cards needs de4x5.c to work at all).

What sort of PHYS do your cards have?
Are they 10Mb or 100Mb?(2104x vs 2114x)
Were you using coax cable (10B-2)?

What version of tulip did you use?  I usually get Becker's
latest stuff if I have problems. Have you run the drivers
in debug mode to look at what was wrong? If you don't
tell Becker what the problem is, the oddballs won't get
supported. I know de4x5 doesn't work on my stuff cause
I forgot to delete it from my kernel config and  the thing
wouldn't talk to anything else on the network. Had to
rebuild to remove it. I only care about 100B-TX cards
and have bought probably 4 different types and all work
with tulip, not de4x5. If you buy new equipment, tulip
is the way to go. YMMV....


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