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Re: new root and base disks available!

At 10:46 -0500 1998-05-12, Wes Bauske wrote:
>Tulip.o does a much better job handling non-DEC Enet cards.
>de4x5 basically works only on real DEC HW.

Documentation/networking/tulip.txt says this:

Hopefully, the de4x5.c driver will support all cards supported
by the tulip.c driver. However, the SMC's 9332dst card and some
cards do not work with the de4x5.c driver. So, if your card is
not a 9332dst, please try the de4x5.c driver first.

Documentation/networking/de4x5.txt says this:

    Originally,   this  driver  was    written  for the  Digital   Equipment
    Corporation series of EtherWORKS ethernet cards:

        DE425 TP/COAX EISA
        DE434 TP PCI
        DE435 TP/COAX/AUI PCI
        DE450 TP/COAX/AUI PCI
        DE500 10/100 PCI Fasternet

    but it  will  now attempt  to  support all  cards which   conform to the
    Digital Semiconductor   SROM   Specification.    The  driver   currently
    recognises the following chips:
[snip list of chips, and list of non-DEC cards known to work]

and from drivers/net/de4x5.c (emphasis mine):

      0.40     5-Mar-96   Fix setup frame timeout <maartenb@hpkuipc.cern.ch>.
                          Add kernel timer code (h/w is too flaky).
                          Add MII based PHY autosense.
                          Add new multicasting code.
                          Add new autosense algorithms for media/mode
                          selection using kernel scheduling/timing.
                          Made changes suggested by <jeff@router.patch.net>:
                            Change driver to detect all DECchip based cards
                            with DEC_ONLY restriction a special case.
                            Changed driver to autoprobe as a module. No irq
                            checking is done now - assume BIOS is good!
                          Added SMC9332 detection <manabe@Roy.dsl.tutics.ac.jp>

I will also note that both of my non-DEC tulip cards don't work very well
with tulip.c (one of the cards needs de4x5.c to work at all).

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