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Re: new root and base disks available!

Paul Slootman <paul@wau.mis.ah.nl> writes:
> The first problem I got was that the ramdisk was mounted readonly, so
> that the configuration of the keyboard failed ("Can't open
> /tmp/kbdconf"). I switched to the second VC and did "mount -n
> -orw,remount /" after which it worked.  I believe this is an inherent
> bug in the boot-floppies version you used, please try again with a newer
> version!

Thanks for reporting your problems,

I will check if there has been a new version of boot-floppies
recently, but I thought 2.0.4 that I used was the last one.

Anyway I think the real problem of read-only ramdisk is independant
of the root disk, the fact that the ramdisk should be mounted
read-write must be done on the command-line when loading the kernel (I
forgot to put the "rw" option in the example milo line I put on my web

> Besides that, the kernel on the rescue disk I used didn't autodetect where I had
> connected the network on my multia (which was coax); luckily I had a
> tranceiver handy and used that to connect my coax to the AUI port, after
> which I could ping my system with the packages (after ifconfig
> etc.).

That again is a problem of the kernel, and though we should address it
either by documentation (maybe a command-line option to the kernel can
help there) or by generating custom kernel, it is not linked to the
root disk itself.

> Unfortunately, I couldn't get an NFS connection active (something about
> portmapper not responding I believe), so I couldn't continue with the
> installation procedure :-(

I cannot see what is the cause of this, actually I have done my tests
by installing with NFS. Have you check on the NFS server that the
permission are right, or if there was any message log.

> Anyway, at least the "look and feel" of the installation floppies is the
> same as the i386 ones, which I feel is important for a consistent Debian
> appearance. So, keep up the good work and let me know when you have
> another set of floppies for me to try out! Network install capability is
> a must IMHO, especially for Multia/UDB users who usually don't have a
> cdrom. I also don't want to use 6-8 base set floppies!

It is true that the root disk should propose a NFS installation
without needing to do the NFS mount manually. As I am not currently
enough time, I wait for this to be done by the generic maintainers of



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