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Re: automatic build script

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Guenter Geiger:
>  > About compiling Debian/Alpha: A fast machine (like our 500 MHz/256 MB
>  > system) should be able to compile everything in two weeks, maybe less
>  You mean main, contrib and non-free ?
>  Because this sounds rather long. Anyway our machine here seems to be 
>  a little bit more stable (500Mhz,128Mb).

I like to be conservative with time estimates. :)  (My first build run,
several months ago, took about a week, but most packages failed early
in the build.)

>  We should develop dbuild into an automatic cron-driven alpha package
>  compiler, which sends mail if something went wrong. We could then 
>  concentrate on the main topics.

Actually, what really should be done is something that watches for
source packages without binary packages, downloads the sources, builds,
uploads binaries or sends bug reports. To implement this properly, help
from Guy's dinstall is needed. Then, the whole of Debian could move into
this system. It should be beneficial for i386 as well (e.g., so that all
packages are built using the same libraries, the same gcc, etc).

I probably won't have time to implement this anytime soon. Anyone feel
like hacking on it for a few days? (Talk to Guy, first.)

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