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Re: Initial Installation.

On 19 Jan 1998, Terrence Brannon wrote:

> Hi, the nano-HOWTO would be great if it actually said where to get
> the startup disks listed in its Chapter 4:
> - milo.dd : ftp://gatekeeper.dec.com/pub/Digital/Linux-Alpha/Miniloader
> - rescue_{noname,multia}.bin: Presumably
> ftp://ftp.debian.org/pub/debian/hamm/hamm/disks-alpha/1997-10-05/ 
> I have an avanti, So I got rescue_avanti from the 1997-08-12
> directory, but noticed vmlinux-avanti.gz in 1997-10-05... Which should
> one get?
> - root.bin:     1997-08-12 directory?
> - drv1440.bin   1997-08-12 directory?
> - base14-x.bin  1997-08-12 directory?

I have a new kernel compiled for the UDB's, but haven't gotten to the
Avantis yet.  I'll try to get that one done and up tomorrow, if you don't
mind a development kernel.  If you want to use the 2.0 kernels, get the
ones from the 1997-10-05 directory, if possible.  The previous batch,
although not "not stable" are 2.0.29 while I believe the 10-05 batch to be
slightly newer and more tailoured to the systems than the prior batch was
(also, the 08-12 kernels were compiled by the previous "boot-disk"

Thanks for the info/additions...I haven't heard from the nano-HOWTO author
recently, so I'll drop an email with some revisions to him later on.  If I
don't hear back, I'll take over the nano-HOWTO and update it myself.


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