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Hi all...

For everyone who isn't on debian-private, I wanted to let you know what I
brought up there...

Basically, I asked if it would be feasible/"allowed" for us Alpha folks to
switch to egcs as our default compiler, mostly because it handles
exceptions and F77 code (both badly needed and because gcc 2.7.2 doesn't
on the Alpha).

So far, I've met with mixed results, but it seems that we're not the only
port who's suffering from gcc inadequacies (PPC seems to be another).

If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know.  I'll try to pass
on whatever I'm told (egcs experiences, ideas, thoughts, etc especially).

Also, I would like to know who has tried egcs-compiled kernels and what
your experiences are.  So far, I'm running an egcs kernel and it runs
nicely.  I've heard of past problems with egcs kernels on the x86's, but
so far, everything's been smooth on the Alpha.

Thanks... :)


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