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New man-db package available for testing...

Ok...I think I fixed it and it was easier than I thought....
I simply recompiled using gdbm routines instead of the libdb that comes
with glibc (maybe a bug there?).  After running mandb again, apropos/man
-k worked fine for me AND my index.bt file was relatively small (only 500k
which is much better than before).  It also included good information,
hence the working apropos.

Anyway, I haven't uploaded the new package yet (pending a better testing
during the day).  In the meantime, the new package is available on my site

Please test and let me know how well it works/doesn't :)

Oh, also, has anyone gotten around to testing the ppp package I compiled?
I don't want to upload it in case it still suffers from the routing
problems that were fixed in the currently available package.


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