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Re: XFree86-3.3.1 available...

In message "XFree86-3.3.1 available...", cetus@snowball.ucd.ie writes:

> On Thursday, 30 Oct, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> > 
> > Since I don't use X at all, can someone PLEASE test this for me?
> > Everything compiled just fine (despite taking 28 hours on my UDB to
> > compile and 1 hr just to package) after patching a file or two, so
> > hopefully everything will be functioning.
> It seems to be running just fine as well.  Even xterm is not so badly
> broken as it used to be in the previous release.  It is still broken a
> bit, though: it screws up terminal settings upon startup (for example,
> it sets olcuc so that everything goes in uppercase).

This was my experience as well. Everything else I've tried seems okay,
but that's just xbase, xlib, and the S3v xserver. I used the fonts from
the previous version, because they were already installed. The existing
fvwm2 package seems to be broken, but I got enough of it installed for
it to be useable.

Thanks for making this available; now if I could just get PPP working,
I'd be in business.

Ian Willmott
Northern Telecom
Ottawa Ontario

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