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Kernel 2.1.60 and route from netbase 2.17-1?

First, a success report of a sort: We ran three concurrent
kernel compilations and three concurrent badblocks over the
weekend and our Alpha didn't crash. At one point, it crashed
systematically when we ran badblocks. However, my Pentium
workstation/xterminal did crash (probably not related :).

Second: route from netbase 2.17-1 gives an error when I try
to configure routes. Any routes. Even localnet stuff. When I
boot 2.0.30, it works. However, the 2.0.30 kernel gives a
lot of unaligned traps.

Since I'm too lazy to start reading documentation and
mailing list archives, I ask here: Is this a known problem
with the kernel of with the Debian/Alpha route command?

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