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Re: XFree86-3.3.1 available...

On Sat, 1 Nov 1997, Nikita Schmidt wrote:

> It seems to be running just fine as well.  Even xterm is not so badly
> broken as it used to be in the previous release.  It is still broken a
> bit, though: it screws up terminal settings upon startup (for example,
> it sets olcuc so that everything goes in uppercase). 

Well, there's some good news :)

> There is some very nasty code in xterm that deals with terminal
> settings - it tries to figure out which system it is executed on
> (BSD/POSIX/whatever else) and act accordingly; it seems that it may
> misdetect something on Linux, especially under glibc2.

This is probable.  I didn't look over it at all, but probably should've.
I really just needed the libs, xbase, and -dev packages out of it.  The
rest was pretty much incidental.

> Several months ago I made a strange patch
> (genie.ucd.ie:/pub/alpha/xterm-alpha.glibc.diff) to compile xterm.  The
> resulting xterm was not perfect, but it had no problems with initial
> stty settings.  Can you carefully check this patch against your xterm
> source (don't apply it!) to find out what may cause stty problems, or
> just send me the xterm sources?

I'll check over them.  Most likely, the sources need some help.  I'll see
what I can do with your patches.

> Everything else is surprisingly fine so far.  Thank you!

Anytime :)  And I'm glad to hear things seem to work pretty well :)  I've
already starting tackling the libs dir, btw.  I've got four done so far
and, if I hadn't been away from my computer all weekend, I'd probably have
finished it all by now :)


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