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Better later than never ...


I know, i promised something for last weekend, but i am on my vacation,
so sue me :)

1) I am pretty convient that there is something badly wrong in somewhere.
latest alpha-pathes are really unstable and i get too often 'Ooops' and 
the machine even hangs totally or just reboots very easily. Another
case might be that binutil+gcc are broken as the kernel compiled from
very same sources behaves differently with later binutils+gcc.

2) There is new set of instalallation images in


3) i have already compiled a kernel for PC164 and currently compiling
for Alpha-XL and will do for any system if i just know for what it is
worth to compile for. I don't know if those are working as i don't have 
anything else than my poor AXPpci33 :/

4) If someone feels that the installkit is ready for ftp.debian.org,
feel free to put it there if you have 'power' to do that.

5) does someone know a suitable source for those 1Mbit (128kx8) 15ns
SRAM chips for my cache? Those seem to be pretty _unavail_ here in
northern part of Europe namely Finland (what we DO have here :/ )
I found one source, but it's 1.5x price of my AXPpxi for 1Mbit.

6) something i must forgot as i have been up too long again, but
i am on my vacation, so i _know_ i can sleep when ever i feel like :)

-- upi@iki.fi -- http://www.iki.fi/upi/

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