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re:Better later than never ...

In message "Better later than never ...", upi@gorba.lpt.fi writes:

> 5) does someone know a suitable source for those 1Mbit (128kx8) 15ns
> SRAM chips for my cache? Those seem to be pretty _unavail_ here in
> northern part of Europe namely Finland (what we DO have here :/ )
> I found one source, but it's 1.5x price of my AXPpxi for 1Mbit.

Alliance Semiconductor sells the necessary cache chips for low prices
(AS7C256 or AS7C1024). Get a PDF datasheet from their web site for a
list of distributors; there were a few in Germany, anyway. There is a
jumper on the motherboard to select either 15ns or 20ns cache speed.
However, somebody claimed on USENET that the 15ns 128Kx8 Alliance part
would only work reliably at the 20ns setting, so you might consider
buying either 12ns or 15ns parts to run at 15ns or 20ns, respectively.


On another subject: this is probably a stupid question, but what is the
libc6 vs. libc6.1 issue? I thought that ELF shared libraries with the
same major version number were supposed to be backward compatible. Could 
someone enlighten me as to what I'm missing? My knowledge of Linux/Alpha 
is currently limited; hopefully this will change when I get my AXPpci33
running properly.

Ian Willmott
Northern Telecom
Ottawa Ontario Canada

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