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Installation help?

Lars Wirzenius writes:
 > I've been trying to install Debian on an Alpha that already has Red Hat
 > 4.2 on it. So far, I've not been successful. I can get things running, but

 > few packages for Alpha (it's a 500 MHz CPU, with 256 MB memory and
 > enough disk space...).

 > Suggestions on what I should do next? Would it be helpful if I documented
 > as exactly as possible what I've done (every command, where each package
 > came from, etc)? Should I test the hardware in some way, and if so, how?

 We got an 500 Mhz Alpha a few days ago, and I really would like to
switch from Redhat 4.2 to Debian too. 

 The 6 steps for the base system work fine. ( I additionally created
 /etc/hosts, but that is probably just needed for networking ). 

 I would be very interested in the further procedure too, so if
somebody has an idea ... ( should I use dselect or not, what packages )

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