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Installation help?

I've been trying to install Debian on an Alpha that already has Red Hat
4.2 on it. So far, I've not been successful. I can get things running, but
after a while things go wrong.

I've read the debian-alpha archives on www.debian.org, and have used
(among other things) the Jun_8 disks from gorba.lpt.fi. Installation

	0. Boot to Red Hat, which works fine.

	1. Create root filesystem, etc, on the spare disk I'm
	   using for Debian (so as not to disturb the working
	   Red Hat installation).

	2. Unpack base1_3.tgz to that partition.

	3. Create etc/hostname, etc/fstab, etc/init.d/network.

	4. At one point, resolv.conf also needed to be created.

	5. Boot, go to MILO, boot (using RH's kernel) to Debian.

	6. System comes up to Debian.

After initial installation, I've had problems with shared libraries and
ld.so not being found for some binaries (so I created symlinks in /lib),
and programs mysteriously stopping to work (perl, dpkg, shutdown, various
others) until I reboot -- but sometimes the reboot doesn't work (stops
after "Rebooting..."), and if I then power cycle or reset the computer,
the filesystems are all messed up (but they may have been messed up
even before the reboot, I do not know).

The programs have usually stopped working while I have been installing
software (since that's all I've managed to do, so far).

Even if Debian for Alpha is still experimental in nature, I'd still
prefer it over Red Hat, so I'm not giving up yet. :)  Besides, if
I can get it working with Debian, I'd like to use it to compile a
few packages for Alpha (it's a 500 MHz CPU, with 256 MB memory and
enough disk space...).

Suggestions on what I should do next? Would it be helpful if I documented
as exactly as possible what I've done (every command, where each package
came from, etc)? Should I test the hardware in some way, and if so, how?

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