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Re: Installation help?

On Fri, 1 Aug 1997, Lars Wirzenius wrote:


> > There will be new base-archive this weekend, but there won't be major 
> > differencies. I have to dig more deep to the system to make totally
> > new base set.
> What kinds of things will change?

Actually i have now only so few mods that it isn't wort of even uploading.
Meaning working ping and telnet binaries in the base-kit.

I have tried to put up kernel w/ later alpha-patches, but that doesn't even
run the root.bin stuff correctly. Totally new  base-kit is under work
from current packages, but the perl stuff seems to have so radical changes
that i'll have to dig it deeper than i thought. That should not make any
differencies for installation anyway (the major pain is in the masters end).

I am currently trying to build working MILO-image on my own, so that
would be 'debian team own production' too and not 'stolen' from RH :)
I am not quite sure, if the Digital's x86 emulation code should be used
or not. anyone?

> I haven't even tried to run dselect on the Alpha yet. All packages
> have been installed manually with dpkg.

Mystical. I always testinstall with 'basic' set and then look afterwards,
what is messed up, but i rellally have to do it that way.

> Hm, I've been using stuff from ftp.funet.fi
> (/pub/Linux/mirrors/debian/hamm/hamm/binary-alpha), which is a (maybe
> indirect) mirror of ftp.debian.org, and something from gorba.lpt.fi as
> well. Should I track other places as well? What places? 

I don't know the status of the mirror in funet, but basically you shouldn't
install anything that claims to be dependant off libc6. those are old and
must be replaced anyway. That gcc from Michaels site is must for now.

As i told, i run pretty much 'dselected' install just now (i still have my old
development hd intact too :). Only thing i really had to do (so far) was
to 'dpkg --purge ldso' and install cpp and gcc from Michaels site.
(to tell the truth, i had to compile sharutils to get uudecode, but that's
for MILO to compile).

-- upi@iki.fi -- http://www.iki.fi/upi/

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