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Re: [RFS] rocm-smi-lib/4.5.2-1~exp1

Hi Maxime,

M. Zhou, on 2022-02-03:
> On Fri, 2022-02-04 at 01:27 +0100, Maxime Chambonnet wrote:
> > On 2/3/22 23:45, M. Zhou wrote:
> > > On Thu, 2022-02-03 at 22:55 +0100, Étienne Mollier wrote:
> > > > I'm hopeful to have time to make a final review and upload of
> > > > the rocm-smi-lib in the weekend, I'm also fine if someone else
> > > > beats me at it in the meantime.  I don't claim rocr-runtime as I
> > > > believe Mo Zhou has more experience on this one, and leave
> > > > rocminfo open for claims too for the moment.
> > > > 
> > > > Thank you for your contributions!
> > 
> > Thank you Etienne, no big pressure - in that it is not a matter
> > of days/weeks is it!

Thanks for pointing that out, I must admit I'm losing the battle
for getting regular free cycles lately.

I brought a couple of modifications to the repository, so you
can refer to the git log if you are curious.  Hereafter are some
of the items I thought might be worth being more verbose about.

d/control: I trimmed down the doxygen LaTeX dependencies to
	doxygen-latex.  If you're worried of your footprint on
	public mirrors due to continuously downloading the same
	heavy packages set again and again, you can investigate
	the use of a caching proxy for the packages.  I use
	apt-cacher-ng, which has its quirks, but there are other

d/rules: git checkout is commented out so no harm done, but note
	the package should not be assumed to be built from it's
	source tree with VCS metadata.  #991822 is a rather
	extreme example of what could go wrong.

d/copyright: this is a rather detailed d/copyright file.  Maybe
	it is possible to simplify it a bit by relying more on
	wildcards?  It looks otherwise accurate.

d/roc-smi.1: in the Copyright section, you may want to append
	that you wrapped up the present manual page for the
	Debian project (and that it is made available under
	Expat license if I trust the copyright file, and can be
	reused for other purposes).  The plain "Copyright: AMD
	All rights reserved" without further notice makes this
	uneasy otherwise.

	I'm a bit concerned by the mean used for inlining the
	functions into roc-smi.  The patch will require careful
	maintenance at each upstream version to make sure it is
	appropriately updated to mirror the content of the
	initial file rsmiBindings.py.  Not sure that will do
	good to the package in the long run.

I haven't readied for upload yet in case you wish to bring some
changes.  Also please, feel free to point out anything I might
have misinterpreted; I believe I can easily neglect details that
actually have quite some importance.

Have a good evening,  :)
Étienne Mollier <emollier@emlwks999.eu>
Fingerprint:  8f91 b227 c7d6 f2b1 948c  8236 793c f67e 8f0d 11da
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