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Re: ROCm RFS - workflow (rocr-runtime, rocm-smi-lib, rocminfo)

Hi Maxime,

Maxime Chambonnet, on 2022-02-01:
> Etienne took a significant amount of time reviewing rocm-smi-lib
> already, so rather looking for a sponsor - review/finalization/upload,
> for the two others packages rocr-runtime and rocminfo today.

I'm hopeful to have time to make a final review and upload of
the rocm-smi-lib in the weekend, I'm also fine if someone else
beats me at it in the meantime.  I don't claim rocr-runtime as I
believe Mo Zhou has more experience on this one, and leave
rocminfo open for claims too for the moment.

Thank you for your contributions!

Have a good night,  :)
Étienne Mollier <emollier@emlwks999.eu>
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