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Re: TVM and dlpack


On Tue, 2022-01-25 at 15:03 +0000, Wookey wrote:
> I see the build makes a 'mock' binary. I don't know what that does.
> Is
> it for testing? Should it go in the package? I've just cleaned it for
> now to keep lintian quiet, but if we don't want it then it would be
> cleaner to turn it off with CMAKE.

Its name does not look like something useful for reverse dependencies.
Since dlpack is merely a simple header only library, we don't have to
include it as long as reverse dependency does not need it.

> > > TVM also has a pile of other stuff: python, go, rust, and java
> > > bindings, and some other bits I don't know what it's for (nnvm,
> > > vta). How much of that should we be building and packaging in
> > > debian?
> > 
> > Then python binding should be available for the first upload if
> > possible, because the introductory documentation of tvm is using
> > python. That's also where we start if we want to run sanity test
> > for it.
> > I suggest the bindings for other languages be postponed. C/C++
> > plus python is enough for first upload.
> OK. I'll do that then.


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