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Re: TVM and dlpack

On 2022-01-20 10:01 -0500, M. Zhou wrote:
> Please simply go ahead.

OK. Done.

I see the build makes a 'mock' binary. I don't know what that does. Is
it for testing? Should it go in the package? I've just cleaned it for
now to keep lintian quiet, but if we don't want it then it would be
cleaner to turn it off with CMAKE.

> > TVM also has a pile of other stuff: python, go, rust, and java
> > bindings, and some other bits I don't know what it's for (nnvm,
> > vta). How much of that should we be building and packaging in debian?
> Then python binding should be available for the first upload if
> possible, because the introductory documentation of tvm is using
> python. That's also where we start if we want to run sanity test
> for it.

> I suggest the bindings for other languages be postponed. C/C++
> plus python is enough for first upload.

OK. I'll do that then.

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