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TVM and dlpack

I've been packaging tvm and have a basic (library-only) package for 0.6.

I then moved on to 0.8 as that's current, which required libbacktrace,
so I've packaged that too (static library only so far - I don't know
if there is a good reason why upstream does not build a dynamic
library (does anyone else?), and they have not repsonded to my mail on
the subject)

In doing so I discoved that it (tvm) needs at least dlpack-dev v0.4
and we currently have 0.0~git* in debian:

Upgrading to the current 0.6 was trivial so I've done that.  I could
just upload, but I don't know if that would break anything else?
There are no rdepends on libdlpack-dev in the archive so I guess it
should be fine, right? Does anyone else care what version of dlpack
is in the archive?

TVM also has a pile of other stuff: python, go, rust, and java
bindings, and some other bits I don't know what it's for (nnvm,
vta). How much of that should we be building and packaging in debian?

My current plan is to get a basic (libraries+docs) v0.8 package in the
NEW queue, then look at adding the labguage bindings. Does that seem

And would anyone like to help test this as I have no clue how it works

Principal hats:  Linaro, Debian, Wookware, ARM

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