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Re: Status of tensorflow/lite, towards coral-ai

On 2021-05-16 19:49 +0200, Jan Kiszka wrote:

> Digging down that stack, I now ran into the dependency
> "python3-tflite-runtime". I saw the ongoing effort on salsa to package
> the main bits of tensorflow, but lite is apparently still missing. What
> is the status there, what are the blockers?

Status is unchanged since my last message on the subject:
(I don't know how to build tf-lite; given a rune that tried I could
 find out what else was missing)

Tensorflow c-library is missing the googleapis cpp bindings, and they currently don't build:

I've just got a load of kernel and installer and RC issues out of the way so
tensorflow is back to the top of my list this week.

> On the one hand, I need something quickly self-built, more reproducible
> than google's apt repo. On the other hand, it's our strong desire to
> have official packages one day. So I'd like to focus our efforts on
> things that could ideally be reused for that. Any guidance appreciated!

Any help is welcome. Knowing what's up with the googleapis build, or
what the right rune/target to build tf-lite is would help. I should
update salsa as the googleapis stuff is not there, and I probably have
a couple of local tensorflow changes.

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