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Status of tensorflow/lite, towards coral-ai

Hi all,

as I need to get the coral stuff pre-installed on a number of devices, I
started to look into how to regenerate their deb packages. The coral
thing has its own ... room for improvements, I'm already discussing this
with google. Along this, I'm trying to raise awareness there how
important and helpful official debian packages would be.

Digging down that stack, I now ran into the dependency
"python3-tflite-runtime". I saw the ongoing effort on salsa to package
the main bits of tensorflow, but lite is apparently still missing. What
is the status there, what are the blockers?

On the one hand, I need something quickly self-built, more reproducible
than google's apt repo. On the other hand, it's our strong desire to
have official packages one day. So I'd like to focus our efforts on
things that could ideally be reused for that. Any guidance appreciated!


Siemens AG, T RDA IOT
Corporate Competence Center Embedded Linux

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