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Re: tensorflow debian package

On 2021-03-31 04:57 +0100, Wookey wrote:
> Current status is that tensorflow (2.3.1, at
> https://salsa.debian.org/deeplearning-team/tensorflow ) builds a
> libtensorflow_cc.so, but I'm struggling to get libtensorflow_lite.so
> building because I'm not sure what the right target is. See below. If
> someone can tell me what the build command for tflite is, that would be helpful.

No answers for this. Does no-one know the right target for TFlite and
how to specify it? I guess I can work it out, but I was hoping this
was an easy question for someone familiar with either the tools or the package :-)

> Can you build from the top of the tree or do you need to cd into tensorflow/lite and then build from there?
> As well as the below example
bazel build  //tensorflow/lite:libtensorflow_lite_all.so

I tried
> bazel build //tensorflow/lite:framework_lib
> bazel build :libtensorflow_lite_all.so
> bazel build lite
> bazel build //tensorflow/lite:tensorflowlite
> bazel build //tensorflow/lite:framework

(with all the extra runes below)

> But I always get a message
ERROR: Skipping '//tensorflow/lite:libtensorflow_lite_all.so': no such package '@rules_cc//cc': The repository's path is "rules_cc" (absolute: "/debian/mock_repos/rules_cc") but this directory does not exist.
WARNING: Target pattern parsing failed.

And I'm not clear if that is complaining that the target is wrong or the syntax speciying it is wrong.
perhaps that is a question for the debian-bazel list?

Command that works (for normal tensorflow):
bazel build \
 -k --verbose_failures --repository_cache= \
 --config=opt --distdir=./debian/dist \
  --repo_env=TF_SYSTEM_LIBS=nsync,curl,double_conversion,snappy,gif,zlib,com_google_protobuf,com_github_grpc_grpc,jsoncpp_git,libjpeg_turbo,nasm \
  --override_repository=bazel_skylib=$(CURDIR)/debian/mock_repos/bazel_skylib \
  --override_repository=rules_cc=$(CURDIR)/debian/mock_repos/rules_cc \

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