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Re: Removing unwanted files at installation time

On Mon, Jan 24, 2000 at 12:22:52PM -0600, John Foster wrote:
> I usually use the kernel-2.2.xx.tar.gz files from "www.kernel.org" and
> make my own source package. I was suggesting eliminating the unnecessary
> tree elements from the tar ball. Is that possible? I did not think
> Debian would work properly if anything was altered. (I have not actually
> tried it.) Just so you will know I am just now experimenting with making
> my own Debianized packages from completely non-debianized tar balls.

AFAICT, deleting the bits not needed for the other architectures won't harm
a thing -- not a running system. It *might* bite you when you build a new
kernel, but from my perousal of the main linux Makefile, I think it is smart
enough to ignore whatever isn't needed for your system.

You can gain roughly 15 megs this way, (perhaps more due to slack space in
the clusters on the hard drive.. :) so it might be worth a shot. And, if it
doesn't work, you can always redownload the kernel sources.

But, it won't affect a running system. Only when you try to compile *might*
it give errors.


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