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Removing unwanted files at installation time

Is there some way to set up an installation so that it can be totally
customized for a specefic user's needs. I want to have the following to
be done when installing any system, upgrade,  or application.

1. Be able to select which processor that system uses, i386, m68, alpha,
etc from a menu. such that when the selection is made all installed
software does NOT include references to processors that are not
necessary. This would eliminate about half of the Kernel stuff that I do
not need for starters.

2. Be able to select which language a system uses; so that all
references to other languages are NOT installed from any software
packages. i.e. I do not need docs in Polish, Chinese,  French, or
Japanese-- so these are NOT installed.

3. Be able to convert all of the files that are related to copyright,
GPL, changes, and possibly others that are mostly duplicated in each
applcation, to symlinks to cover dependencies, and set them up as a
single document, that gives credit where it should but eliminates the
MANY duplicated text files in a typical installation.

Will these ever be a feature of debconf or some such application? I am
not wanting to create a new distribution, only streamline my
installation. My last upgrade gave me a disk full warning and it is on a
3.2 Gb drive. Granted it is an extensive setup, I still think a lot of
disk space is  being non-productively used, due to unnecessary files.
Thanks to you developers, for all of the efforts! Potato Rocks!!

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