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Re: Removing unwanted files at installation time

Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> (this shouldn't really be in debian-user, I'll set the Reply-To
> accordingly)
> Previously MiniVend wrote:
> > 1. Be able to select which processor that system uses, i386, m68, alpha,
> > etc from a menu. such that when the selection is made all installed
> > software does NOT include references to processors that are not
> > necessary. This would eliminate about half of the Kernel stuff that I do
> > not need for starters.
> Where exactly?

I was referencing the kernel package. It seems to have a lot of stuff I do
not require for my i386 CPU but when I have removed/deleted some of these
from the tree in the past, it screwed up my dpkg dependencies. This resulted
in being unable to use dpkg to remove what it assumed were half installed
programs. This is MY interpretation of the situation and may very well be
incorrect. I would welcome any insight regarding this.

> An install is always architecture-specific and you won't
> see anything about other architectures.
> > 2. Be able to select which language a system uses; so that all
> > references to other languages are NOT installed from any software
> > packages. i.e. I do not need docs in Polish, Chinese,  French, or
> > Japanese-- so these are NOT installed.
> Very hard to do since they are shipped together for most programs.. The
> trivial solution would be to split out all languages into packages but
> that would increase the number of packages a lot and actually not help
> at all. You could do it by excluding certain parts of the filesystem
> hierarchy during installs perhaps, but at the moment the packaging
> system doesn't support that. At some point it might, but that might not
> be in the near future.

This is exactly the feature that I am seeking. It is a fact that I am
somewhat of a perfectionist with regard to my installations. My main goal is
to have the cleanest installs possible with the fewest distractions from
non-essential features. I really appreciate the efficiency of the current
packaging system. My concern is that the entire Debian GNU/Linux systems is
very likely to double in available size in the next several releases. Since I
rely on this  distro as my main source of applications, I want it to be as
efficient and as customizable as possible. If nothing else comes of this
thread, then perhaps these notions could be included in some wish for future
Debian packaging features. Thanks for your replies.

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